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date: 2017-05-20 03:25:50

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Created by: Stephan Bösebeck

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Jblog - Java Blogging Software

I explained here why PHP and Wordpress is a pain in the ass and that I decided to build a new software on a stack I knew.

As I am the only user of this software, I did not have to care about Mulit-User-Role-Permission Management, or Theming or plugins. Just a straight forward webapplication. But it should to it in the following:

  • java as a basis. This language I speak best emoji github:smile
  • Freemarker as Templating-Engine - have a lot of great good examples with that
  • It should do everything based on markdown. Wordpress never did that in a proper way. It was always a hassle. I use Flexmark - available at github.
  • mongodb as Storage
  • and of course Morphium as POJO Mapper (download it here)
  • Spring Web and Spring MVC
  • multilanguage support (well, 2 , I only speak english and German)
  • simple whitelabeling

Well... er.... that’s it. You see, quite simple actually. I used Bootstrap 4 in the frontend although it is not officially out yet. But I did think, by the time I finished this blog software, bootstrap 4 would be out... ok...

The application runs within a tomcat, called by an NGinx which also does SSL-Termination. All more or less standard.

Of course there will be changes over time. but for the first try it is not too bad... emoji github:smirk