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ErgodoxLayoutGenerator Documentation

2017-05-20 - Tags: english ergodox ergodox-ez java-2 keyboard tastatur

If you read my blog, you might have noticed, that I'm fond of cool keyboards. We IT-guys use them the whole day, but most keyboards are just awful to work with. So I'm glad I found a "proper" ergonomic one, my ErgodoxEZ (look at http://ergodox-ez. ...

category: Computer --> programming --> Java

Jblog - Java Blogging Software

2017-05-20 - Tags: java blog

I explained here why PHP and Wordpress is a pain in the ass and that I decided to build a new software on a stack I knew.

As I am the only user of this software, I did ...

category: Computer --> programming --> Java

New Version of Morphium available V3.1.3

2017-05-17 - Tags: java morphium mongodb

This release contains some minor fixes and improvements: