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What is

It's about time to clarify a few things regarding The name was probably chosen with little luck, but I have owned the domain for decades. Therefore, here is some background information.

The Naming

In the early days of the internet, it was very easy to register a domain. There were actual domain wars over it. So, it was necessary to come up with a nice, catchy, short, and somehow unique name. Not only because all meaningful and meaningless names were quickly taken, but also to have a distinguishing feature.

There were different approaches:

  • "Take the initial letters or sounds of your favorite characters from movies and TV shows," which would have resulted in something like "Pischga" for me. Sounds a bit Polish.
  • "Take the first syllables of the streets where you last lived"... uh... that would be "Schusiegdo."

So, all the approaches were pretty odd. Caluga, however, was created in a similar way: "Take the initial letters of places or people mentioned in the news." That's what we (back then, with a fellow student) did. I can't say exactly how, it was probably quite early in the morning when we came up with it.

So, it has absolutely nothing to do with any cities in Italy or Ukraine.

And Onward

Now we had a domain. Back then, there were relatively limited top-level domains (".biz" or ".name" hadn't been "invented" yet), and we could run our own server. That was a big deal back then...

After studying (or even during), we became self-employed. And that was our own web server. We hosted websites for friends and acquaintances, and eventually, it even became a small but fine business... for a while.

Well, somehow I "inherited" the thing when I alone continued to support some of our clients over the years, even though we hadn't been self-employed for a long time.

This Blog

So, what do you do with such a domain? I was involved in the open-source scene quite early on, even during my studies, albeit only as a small committer in the background somewhere in the 50th row. But it was fun. Through some of these projects, I met special people, and some of them are still my friends today - some even overseas 😉

So, I used my email address at this domain for all sorts of projects. Later, when we designed Morphium, it was even used as the group id.

It became clear that a blog software was needed here, something where I could also post tips and tricks about Morphium. Or other stuff related to programming. Or something like that...

And the first version of the blog was born, initially implemented with Wordpress.


Since I have multiple domains, I wanted to separate the pages thematically. These include:

  • This blog is for software development and in the future, also for Unix / Shell, command-line tools, and Unix in general.
  • My personal blog. It mainly revolves around hobbies such as flying FPV drones and related electronics tinkering, mechanical keyboards, [macOS)(, and various other things, even posts about [companies whose service offerings are simply astonishing bad](
  • This blog should, also due to the ".biz" domain, be more of a professional blog. It should cover topics such as Scrum and Agile Management. I must admit that I neglected this blog a bit, there are hardly any posts (time is always an issue).
  • My gaming blog. Here, I wanted to experiment a bit with game blogs as well. I enjoy gaming from time to time and will definitely post more there in the future. But currently, I barely have time to do so.


I'm not yet sure if all the blogs will continue to exist in their current form in the future. But I would like to blog a bit more and see how it is received.

As of August 28, 2023