Morphium V4.2.12 released


date: 2021-08-13 21:54:40

tags: Java MongoDB Morphium

category: morphium

Created by: Stephan Bösebeck

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Morphium V4.2.12 released

The latest Version of morphium (V4.2.12) was released a couple of days ago. As usual, the changes contain Bugfixes and improvements.

  • Tests were changed so that they run more smoothly in total, less side effects
  • Tests were simplified
  • BugFix: CamelCase Conversion did not work properly in some cases
  • BugFix: fieldNames were not used properly in some cases
  • added some Convenience methods
  • BugFix: updateUsingFields properly uses settings from annotation @Property and camelCasing
  • BugFix: Cursors sometimes were not closed properly at the end of an iteration
  • BugFix: handling of capped collection
  • Timeout adjustements for Mongodb5.0
  • BugFix: some fixes for typeID handling fix with serializing of entities in maps

the latest version of Morphium is available on github and maven central.