Morphium 4.1.4 released


date: 2020-08-10 21:51:47

tags: Java MongoDB Morphium

category: morphium

Created by: Stephan Bösebeck

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Morphium 4.1.4 released

We released Morphium 4.1.4. This includes, as usual a bunch of improvements and fixes. Here is the changelog since V4.1.0:


  • Morphium is AutoClosable now - simplifies usage
  • Checking for a field existence in sub documents was causing problems with aggregation. This was fixed and the output is only an error now, not exception thrown.
  • Improving the null handling: only overwrite a POJO value, when mongo delivers a value including null, keep it as default otherwise.
  • Replace morphium driver property acceptableLatencyDifference with localThreshold because only the latter exists in mongo driver; Additional morphium property serverSelectionTimeout


  • adding complexQueryCount to Query interfact and implementation
  • messaging now has a flag whether polling is necessary or not. This reduces load.
  • the stats now honor this flag
  • Bugfix: a little bug that caused unneccessary load in messaging
  • Bugfix: fixing a bug in messaging regarding pausing/unpausing with exclusive messages, reducing load on mongo from messaging, finall fixing log format
  • Bugfix: must not change read preference SECONDARY_PREFERRED to SECONDARY or reading from a cluster that only has a Primary(on node cluster) will fail
  • SSL/TLS Support for Morphium (tested with AWS DocumentDB)
  • Bugfix: fixing a bug in changestream monitor for the InMemoryDriver
  • Dump InMemory DBs


  • Bugfix: fixing changestream handling for InMemoryDriver, adapting tests
  • reducing write security for tests, making all work with enterprise mongo inMem
  • update of some dependent libs
  • code improvements, removed some unnecessary stuff
  • Bugfix: fixing message rejection


  • Bugfix: fixing exclusive message handling
  • making rsmonitor sync host seed in config.
  • Bugfix: get messaging and changestream monitor to exit gracefully.
  • JMS Support for messaging
  • Bugfix: Validation
  • changing DriverTailableIterationCallback to have better control over stopping the tail
  • Build improvements
  • reorganizing tests, speeding up messaging

A warm thanks goes out to all that helped build this Releases! Not olny with code and pull requests, but also by filing in an issue! Thanks a lot!