Morphium 4.0.0 released

published : 2018-11-09 changed: 2019-07-30

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What was that again? Morphium is a sophisticated Object Mapper and Messaging System for MongoDB. It adds a lot of features to MongoDB, for example a dedicated InMemoryDriver, so that you can run all your Tests just in RAM without the need to install a MongoDB.

and good things need some time... so we are happy to announce, we just released Morphium 4.0.0. This release contains a ton of changes and improvements.

  • Simplifying the API at a lot of places in code
  • a lot new features and improvements for the Messaging System (Rejecting of Messages, Pausing/Unpausing of message processing, message replay upon startup, ...)
  • Code quality improvements
  • adding a new jackson based ObjectMapper (has to be enabled in Settings)
  • Transaction Support
  • Improvement of Enum handling
  • lots of improvements with aggregation
  • the InMemDriver does now support ChangeStreams
  • and countless other changes

this is a big update which took 8 Release Candidates to test.

Morphium is available at maven central:


or at github.

created Stephan Bösebeck (stephan)