Morphium V4.0.0-RC5


date: 2018-10-19 08:33:49

tags: Java MongoDB Morphium

category: morphium

Created by: Stephan Bösebeck

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Morphium V4.0.0-RC5

We went quite a long way to get here, but... eventually we will emoji github:smirk

We put a lot of time and effort in this new Release Candidate #5 of Morphium and we get close to the major release.

what again was morphium?

Morphium was started as a simple Object mapper for Mongodb 1.0 which made querying in java simple using a fluent api. In addition there were a lot of unique features at that time like automatice dereferencing and lazy loading of references, caching, cluster aware cache synchronization etc.

Messaging was implemented in an early stage in order to get cache sync to work.

Messaging got more and more core feature of morphium and one USP of the API. So we gave this feature some love with this release...

Morphium V4.0.0

With this major release we added a lot of features and enhancements. We still need to adapt documentation though, but we will. And then we issue the release - promise emoji github:smirk

This is some of the new features of Morphium 4.0.0:

  • enhanced messaging. Using the watch functionality we can achieve a push functionality for messaging. Maximum performance, minimum load (only available in ReplicaSets)
  • added priorities in messages
  • re-implemented object mapper on base of jackson
  • stream-lined api, removed unused parts
  • full support for Mongodb 4.0 multi-document transactions

The codebase is already in a very good testet stage and is used in productional environments in some places.


Morphium is OpenSource and can be downloaded (including Releases and Release Candidates) from github.

Or, even easier, from maven central: