Update on Morphium 3.0

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Just wanted to give a short update on how the development for Morphium 3.0 is progressing.

  • it seems like the performance is increased by the update. We’re now running some load tests, but the first results are quite promising.
  • The Morphium Mongo Driver will be brought to a production ready stage. Right now, it is still not as performant as it could and has some issues with load balancing and failover. But most of the time it is running stable and quite fast.
  • We want to use the new Morphium 3.0 including the MorphiumDriver on http://holidays.hrs.de. there we learned that the code migration is not as hard as expected, it’s harder to move to jdk1.8
  • making it possible to switch of automatic index creation (which causes a query to mongo in order to see, if the collection exists) looks as if it will increase write performance a lot * still hoping that the new driver will deal with the occasionally happening problem regarding read timeouts from mongodb, although the mongo is not really busy.
  • the in MemoryDriver is great for testing business logic
  • the SingleConnectDriver is great for singlethreadded applications!

In total it is a worthy update, bringing a lot new features and improvements. Stay tunedMovie Carol (2015)

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