Feature Release Morphium 2.2.16

veröffentlicht am : Do, 22. 01. 2015 geändert am: Do, 22. 01. 2015

Kategorie: Computer

Schlagworte: java-2 morphium-2

A new feature release in the new year 2015!

this new release contains several bugfixes, minor changes and one big new feature: Serialization of non-Entities to mongodb.

Usually, if you want to map a POJO to mongo, you need to put the @Entity annotation to the corresponding class. Right now, it's possible to have non-Entities serialized as well. Those will be stored as Bas64Endoced Object Stream into mongodb.

The major advantage is, when you have a list of objects as member of an entity, those can now be stored in mongo as well.

Attention: Objects need to be serializable to be stored!

you can download morphium from here on github or get it via maven central:


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