New Morphium Release V2.2.3

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Latest Version of Morphium Released: V2.2.3

This release is a feature release. It contains several new features and a lot of bugfixes.

  • Store timestamps (for @CreationTime, @LastChange and @LastAccess as Strings. The format can be defined in the corresponding annotation. Default is yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss.

public MyWonderfulEntity { .... @CreationTime
private String createdAt;
private long created;

  • Have collections created capped or convert to capped using the new @Capped Annotation.
  • lots of bugfixes, especially with storing lists of entities efficiently.

You can check it out at

PS: Mongodb still does not list morphium on their webpage sorry. I don't see, what the problem is, as Morphium is already productive on serveral projects. I sent a request to them, but did not get an answer yet.

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