New Release of #Morphium V2.1.1 - THE #MongoDB POJO Mapper

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New Feature release of Morphium

Current Version is V2.1.1.

  • added new feature, CacheListeners. Now it’s easy to influence the caching of elements. Just add your listener to the Morphium-Cache morphium.getCache().addCacheListener(cacheListener)
  • bugfixes, especially in Caching
  • minor improvements in code quality

It was just uploaded to OSS tamiflu medicine.sonatype, should be available via maven soon.

For more info, take a look at the github page:

Cache Listener Interface:

public interface CacheListener { public enum Operation { delete, store, update, }

     * ability to alter cached entries or avoid caching overall
     * @param toCache - datastructure containing cache key and result
     * @param <T>     - the type
     * @return null, if not to cache
    public <T> CacheObject<T> wouldAddToCache(CacheObject<T> toCache);

    public <T> boolean wouldClearCache(Class<T> affectedEntityType);

    public <T> boolean wouldRemoveEntryFromCache(Class cls, Object id, Object entity);


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