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First Beta release of Morphium 3.0

Do, 07. 04. 2016 - Tags: java-2 mongodb morphium-2

Morphium 3.0 is available in a beta stage. You can download it here.

Have a look at the updated documentation, especially regarding the drivers, new iterators and ...

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Update on Morphium 3.0

Do, 25. 02. 2016 - Tags: english java-2 morphium-2

Just wanted to give a short update on how the development for Morphium 3.0 is progressing.

  • it seems like the performance is increased by the update. We’re now running some load tests, but the first results are quite promising. < ...

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    Feature Release Morphium 2.2.16

    Do, 22. 01. 2015 - Tags: java-2 morphium-2

    A new feature release in the new year 2015!

    this new release contains several bugfixes, minor changes and one big new feature: Serialization of non-Entities to mongodb.

    Usually, if you want to map a POJO to mongo, you need t ...

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    Morphium: Minor feature release avaliable V2.0.22

    Mi, 16. 10. 2013 - Tags: java-2 morphium-2 programming

    Gerade habe ich eine neue Version V2.0.22 von Morphium hochgeladen. Morphium ist ein object mapper und eine Abstractionlayer für den Zugriff von Java aus auf Mongodb.

    Das a ...