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ErgodoxLayoutGenerator Documentation

Sa, 20. 05. 2017 - Tags: english ergodox ergodox-ez java-2

If you read my blog, you might have noticed, that I'm fond of cool keyboards. We IT-guys use them the whole day, but most keyboards are just awful to work with. So I'm glad I found a "proper" ergonomic one, my ErgodoxEZ (look at http://ergodox-ez. ...

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First Beta release of Morphium 3.0

Do, 07. 04. 2016 - Tags: java-2 mongodb morphium-2

Morphium 3.0 is available in a beta stage. You can download it here.

Have a look at the updated documentation, especially regarding the drivers, new iterators and ...

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Update on Morphium 3.0

Do, 25. 02. 2016 - Tags: english java-2 morphium-2

Just wanted to give a short update on how the development for Morphium 3.0 is progressing.

  • it seems like the performance is increased by the update. We’re now running some load tests, but the first results are quite promising. < ...

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    Feature Release Morphium 2.2.16

    Do, 22. 01. 2015 - Tags: java-2 morphium-2

    A new feature release in the new year 2015!

    this new release contains several bugfixes, minor changes and one big new feature: Serialization of non-Entities to mongodb.

    Usually, if you want to map a POJO to mongo, you need t ...

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    Morphium: Minor feature release avaliable V2.0.22

    Mi, 16. 10. 2013 - Tags: java-2 morphium-2 programming

    Gerade habe ich eine neue Version V2.0.22 von Morphium hochgeladen. Morphium ist ein object mapper und eine Abstractionlayer für den Zugriff von Java aus auf Mongodb.

    Das a ...

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    Multithreaddingprobleme in Java

    Mi, 10. 08. 2011 - Tags: java-2 programming

    Da mir das jetzt schon so oft passiert ist, und ich immer wieder wieder solche Probleme lösen muss, möchte ich hier mal kurz ein paar Tipps zum Thema Multithreadding in Java und den damit verbundenen Problemen kommen.

    Allge ...